Introducing Default Queueing & Increased Visibility into Outbound Voice Calls

We heard you! As part of our latest Voice product release, we are happy to introduce Default Queueing for Outbound calls, and also 2 brand new APIs to provide more visibility into your voice calls.... Read more >

Announcing Plivo Welcome Pack to Migrate from Tropo

Tropo, a Voice and messaging API provider, which is part of Cisco, is winding down its business to focus on developer products and solutions more aligned with Cisco’s Collaboration strategy. If your business is currently using Tropo for your communication needs - there is a need to migrate to a platform that is solid, reliable and growing. Plivo is offering a fast & easy migration path so that you can continue to run your operations in business-as-usual mode while taking advantage of our robust platform that is trusted by 70,000+ customers and growing....

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Plivo Browser SDK Adds Support for Multiple Incoming calls

Today, we are happy to announce the latest release (v2.1) of our Plivo Browser SDK includes support for handling multiple incoming calls. This is designed to enable effective control of calls arriving on agent endpoints, while they are talking to other customers. The ability to handle multiple incoming calls helps agents manage and answer calls based on priority, caller ID, and context - thereby improving overall customer experience....

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How I Built Business Ready Virtual Receptionist using PHLO

Whether you run a small or large business, you are certainly going to need a telephone number. When clients and prospects call your number, you will absolutely need to have someone answering their calls, otherwise, that could be a loss of potential business. With the world moving towards automation, auto-attendant is a very popular solution for inbound customer engagement. An auto attendant phone system is a prerecorded voice that serves as your business’ virtual receptionist. Virtual receptionists are cost effective, provide consistent experience, professional, minimise bandwidth use and easy to integrate. Who knows, when your next million dollar customer might call you....

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A Curated List of Marketing Resources for Developers

It’s a tale as old as time - developers, well let’s just say aren’t that fond of marketers!
It may or may not be completely based in fact, but it’s what we’ve been hearing for years now. It’s not difficult to imagine why. Developers and marketers are innately different, and the radical differences in their job profiles just don’t make it any easier!...

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