Meet Our Team: An Interview with Kunal

Kunal is a Software Engineer at Plivo and works on everything from APIs, helpers, shipping new product features to helping customers out with issues. We talked to him about what brought him to Plivo and a life in general.

How long have you worked at Plivo?

I joined Plivo in February 2012 as the second hire. Its been a year full of constant learning and fun filled excitement. I came in right out of college having worked on mini python project. It was after I had finished my work with prosody (XMPP Server) under Google Summer of Code, Venky reached out to me through github.

What has been your greatest accomplishment within the company so far?

I learned a lot of good stuff at Plivo. One of the greatest accomplishments personally for me would be learning how to create end to end products and working on a stack. Something which I am keen on working now is internal analytics, we have a whole lot of data dumped on S3 which is crying to get on a graph!

What websites/apps do you visit/use/think are great?

You’ll find me on reddit and quora.

What are the software tools you use at work?

I work on a Debian VM running on 13” MBA. vim and Xcode for writing code. I usually have Advanced REST Client open on my chrome for quick API tests. Wunderlist to manage my daily tasks and we use asana and github Issue tracker internally. We use HipChat with customized hubot scripts running on it which notifies us about customer details, current calls running on our system or some payment fraud which has been triggered.

What is your day to day like?

I have worked on a variety of stuff at Plivo, right from the code running on our API proxy to the call and message graphs you see when you open plivo dashboard. Currently I’m working on rolling out the iOS SDK. So a typical day starts by adding tiny features along with fixing the bugs that have come up out of our beta.

Hobbies? Interests aside from Plivo?

I do some light reading here and there. Trying my hand at cooking currently.

Any inputs/tips/suggestions for folks deciding to join startups as initial team members?

Before deciding to join a startup, try to work with the team for at least a week. Figure out how things move around, and what kind of work is expected out of you. This would also give you a brief outline about the culture of the company.

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