Like BF, Come join us

Like BrainF@#k, Come join us. We are looking for smart Python Developers to work out of our simple but spacious office in Bangalore, India.

We extensively use Python, Django, Flask, Gevent, Postgres and FreeSWITCH, but we don’t care whether you know these. If you think you are a smart ass developer (Web or Systems) and love pumping out code, then give us a shout.

Additional Bonus Points, if you:

  • are good with Python and Django/Flask
  • have built real world web applications
  • can pick up a discussion over distributed vs centralized
  • know multiple programming languages, and have the ability to take up new ones rather quickly
  • love discussions on topics like why your IDE is better than mine
  • are a contributor to an open source projects
  • have a Github profile

About us:

Plivo is an Open Telephony API Platform, for businesses, to build Voice and Messaging Applications, using their existing Web development skills and we are here to disrupt the existing Billion Dollar market. 

We have already created a lot of buzz on the web with our open source framework, and we believe its just the beginning. We are building stuff thats going to redefine the existing business models in this space. In short we are working on some path breaking stuff.

Follow us here:

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What do we promise

  • working on path breaking technology
  • startup work culture (includes informal work style and long working hours)
  • freedom from a boring corporate life
  • opportunity to change the world starting with web and telecom

We work 6 days a week (yeah a day more than usual, thats what it takes to kick ass) and we pay competitively. 


If this gets your clock ticking, and you want to prove your techie chops solve the following problem and send us the details as mentioned:

Step1: This URL, will give you a random Modified BF input string. The length of the string will be 10. E.g “8176392113"

Step2: Split each of 2 Digits of the above input into an element in an array/cell. E.g

a[0] = 81, a[1] = 76, a[2] = 39, a[3] = 21, a[4] = 13

Step3: Below is a definition of a modified version of BF Code, and the pseudo code needed to get the BF code Output string to proceed forward:

Definition - These are the modified five language commands, each consisting of a single character

"Character": (Meaning)

1. "<": (increment the data pointer, to point to the next cell/element to the right)

2. ">": (decrement the data pointer, to point to the next cell/element to the left)

3. "-": (increment (increase by one) the byte at the data pointer)

4. "+": (decrement (decrease by one) the byte at the data pointer)

5. ",": output the byte at the data pointer as an integrer.

Modified BF code to convert the above array/cell  into a concatenated string 

< - - -  ,

< + + ,

> + + ,

< < - - ,

< - - - - - ,

> > > > + + ,

Step4: Concatenate the numeric output of each line above in the same order, and pass the values as HTTP POST params to this URL. E.g.

bf_input = "" (Random Number string given as input)

bf_output = "" (Your decoded Output string)

phone = “9611000000"   (Your Indian Phone Number, without country code)

 (Retries are throttled at 15 mins, so please use with care)

Step5: If your output string sent is correct as per the input, you will receive a phone call on your number with a IVR code. Note down this code and send another HTTP POST request to this URLwith the following params:

phone = “9611000000"   (Your Indian Phone Number, without country code)

email = “" (Your Email ID)

ivr_code = “1862" (IVR Code received over the phone)

links = “,,’ (Your resume, public profiles, whichever links you think we should look at)

If all goes well, you will hear from us soon. For those looking for an email id to mail their resumes, sorry to disappoint. May the force be with you next time!

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