January Events: Open Source Show & Tell, ITExpo East, and Cloud4SMB Expo

The new year is well underway and we’re excited about the events on our horizon. This week, we will be co-hosting our first Open Source Show & Tell (San Francisco) and presenting at ITExpo East (Miami), and Cloud4SMB Conference (Miami). Plivo Open Source Show & Tell Event

On Friday January 31, we are co-hosting our first Open Source Show & Tell in partnership with Keen IO, Balanced, and Rackspace. It’ll be hosted at Geekdom SF in the heart of San Francisco’s SOMA district and will draw in lots of developers who will be showcasing their projects. This will be a great opportunity to learn about open source projects in the community, get to know the people and code behind our very own open source projects, as well as listen to Alex Gaynor speak about his open source contributions and learnings. We want to keep this developer focused, so bring your laptops and expect to dig into code. Check out all the details and RSVP on our Eventbrite page.

We’ll also be attending ITExpo and Cloud4SMB Expo this week and presenting at both conferences. Check out full details below and feel free to email our presenters to meet up at the conference.

Presentation: Why the Cloud is Your Path to SMB Revenue

Date: Wednesday January 29th from 9:00-9:45am EST

Event: Cloud4SMB Expo

Plivo Presenter: Michael Lauricella, VP of Business Development (mdl(at)plivo(dot)com)

Description: Integrators and resellers have for long made strong books of business on the basis of selling hardware and on-site maintenance and support contracts. But, the technology world is changing rapidly, moving to a software model, where hardware, in many cases, becomes secondary to the services delivered. This is your call to action: enter the world of cloud-based service or risk being left behind in an ultra-competitive new global economy. This session will explain why cloud is your security blanket for growing your business beyond your traditional models.

Presentation: Enabling the Internet for Real-Time Communications

Date: Wednesday January 29th from 2:30-3:15pm EST

Event: ITExpo East

Plivo Presenter: Michael Lauricella, VP of Business Development (mdl(at)plivo(dot)com)

Description: As we continue to witness an onslaught of multimedia capable devices, all of which are being connected to the Internet, and with emerging technologies, like WebRTC and other OTT services, poised to leverage those devices to drive a new age of communications, the question must be, is your communications network up to it? With SIP having the same capabilities, it has not really been tested, since Telcos built PSTN/POTS replicating networks that have deprived us of 50 years development. It is not only about bandwidth; QoS can bring the user experience a magnitude higher when data and real-time traffic share the same network. Enabling quality on the Internet is quite easy, but meaningless if there is no “toll to enter the highway.” This session will discuss how to ensure your network is ready to handle the next wave of communications traffic, but also how you can monetize it.

For any questions, please feel free to contact us.

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