Introducing Plivo Java SDK 4.0 (Beta)

EDIT: The Java SDK is now out of Beta. Please refer to the GA release blogpost to know more.

We are super excited to announce the public beta of the Plivo Java SDK 4.0, the next version of our Java helper. This announcement is the sixth of theß several announcements we made regarding our next version of helpers. So far, we released the Plivo Python SDK 4.0 (Beta), the Plivo Ruby SDK 4.0 (Beta), the Plivo Node.js SDK 4.0 (Beta), the Plivo PHP SDK 4.0 (Beta) and the Plivo Go SDK 4.0 (Beta).


  1. The new SDK works with Java 1.8+ (JDK 8+). It has been tested against Java 1.8 and Java 1.9
  2. The API interfaces are consistent and guessable
  3. The new SDK has excellent IDE support (including but not limited to Atom, Vim and Sublime Text) without the need to juggle between documentation and code

Get started

  1. Get started with the Java SDK on Plivo Developers Portal
  2. See more examples of how you can use this SDK at Plivo API Reference for the latest Java SDK
  3. Report any feedback or problems with this beta version by opening an issue on Github.
  4. You can view the codebase for this version at

We recommend you use the new version of the helper as this is the only version where the new features will be added going forward. Report any feedback or problems with this beta version by

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