Free Incoming SMS for All US Short Codes and 46% Price Drop in Outbound

After launching Plivo 3.5 years ago, we were especially excited about cleaning up a market that was complex and hard to navigate. In an effort to bring more transparency, our goal has always been to bring you simplified pricing structures at carrier costs. This means, no hidden fees or complex tiered structures. Since then, we were able to make our SMS APIs even more affordable while delivering the best quality of service. Last year, we announced free incoming SMS in all of our coverage areas. This year, we want to take it one step further.

Announcing Free Incoming SMS for All US Short Codes

Now, sending large scale SMS via Short Codes has never been more affordable. Backed by one of the most reliable communications backbones in the industry, our SMS API allows businesses to send and receive SMS text messages at a base rate of 40 SMS/second while delivering a full-featured service including automatic SMS concatenation, message queuing, delivery reports, and unicode support for every language.

Plivo’s new pricing for US SMS Short Code usage

Old PriceNew PriceSavings
Inbound SMS$0.0050/SMS*FREE*100%
Outbound SMS$0.0065/SMS*$0.0040/SMS*38%
*Please note that carrier charges still apply to inbound and outbound usage rates. See the Short Code Page for more details.

Here’s how much you’ll be saving

Usage per MonthOld Price per MonthNew Price per MonthMonthly SavingsAnnual Savings
500,000 Inbound SMS*$2,500FREE$2,500$30,000
500,000 Outbound SMS*$3,250$2,000$1,250$15,000
Volume prices available for usage of 5M+ SMS per month.

If you’re a current Plivo customer, you’ll automatically start enjoying these new prices as of today. If you’re currently using another provider, we can port over your existing short codes and help you get started. So what are you waiting for?

Get a Plivo Short Code and start saving!
Contact our Sales team to get started today!

Additional 46% Price Reduction for Local Outbound SMS in US and Canada

Our dedicated carrier team has been working hard to negotiate carrier contracts on your behalf. And today, we’re excited to bring you 46% more savings for local outbound SMS in US and Canada. With these savings, direct connections in 100+ countries, and access to 1600+ networks, adding text messaging capabilities to your web or mobile app has never been more affordable and reliable.

Volume prices available for 5M+ SMS per month usage.
Talk to our sales team today.

Plivo’s new pricing for US and Canada local outbound SMS

Old PriceNew PriceSavings
Outbound SMS$0.0065/SMS$0.0035/SMS46%

Here’s how much you’ll be saving

Usage per MonthOld Price per MonthNew Price per MonthMonthly SavingsAnnual Savings
500,000 Inbound SMSFREEFREE--
500,000 Outbound SMS$3,250$1,750$1,500$18,000

With Even Better Quality of Service

Our improvements in infrastructure also means that our quality of service is even better than before. Our infrastructure team works tirelessly to optimize routing and bring you low latency sub 20ms access to all of our international carriers with the highest SMS delivery rates in the market. Also, our dedicated carrier management team is constantly testing our connections to ensure that they are free from routing dilution, blending, and low cost routing.

We hope that these changes and those to come will help you build a stronger more sustainable business.

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