Debugging Made Simple - Call Hangup Causes & Sources added on Plivo Platform

Why did the call terminate? Who hung up the call?

These are questions we receive from our customers regularly. The answer is often not that simple. For instance, an ongoing call could be hung up by the called party (callee), or by the caller. A call could be hung up during the call setup stage due to a ring timeout, the callee being busy or rejecting the call outright. Technical issue (such as a network error in fetching XML instructions from your server) could also have led to the hangup.... Read more >

Introducing Default Queueing & Increased Visibility into Outbound Voice Calls

We heard you! As part of our latest Voice product release, we are happy to introduce Default Queueing for Outbound calls, and also 2 brand new APIs to provide more visibility into your voice calls....

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Announcing Plivo Welcome Pack to Migrate from Tropo

Tropo, a Voice and messaging API provider, which is part of Cisco, is winding down its business to focus on developer products and solutions more aligned with Cisco’s Collaboration strategy. If your business is currently using Tropo for your communication needs - there is a need to migrate to a platform that is solid, reliable and growing. Plivo is offering a fast & easy migration path so that you can continue to run your operations in business-as-usual mode while taking advantage of our robust platform that is trusted by 70,000+ customers and growing....

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