Introducing Enhanced Destination Number Validation for SMS

We are thrilled to introduce Enhanced Destination Number Validation on Plivo SMS API platform. The platform now has the capability to identify invalid and non-SMS enabled destination numbers, and also fix incorrect formats of destination numbers which will result in better delivery rates and better end-user experience. This update will bring multiple benefits to our customers:... Read more >

Introducing Incoming Message Content And Source Number Redaction

Data privacy is a key concern for every organisation that manages or processes third party personal data such as end user phone numbers. With GDPR around the corner, data privacy holds more importance today than ever before. In our February Blog about how Plivo is preparing to protect your data - we had talked about Message Redaction as one of the key milestones in this journey. Today we are happy to introduce this in the Plivo Cloud Platform for all use cases that involve receiving SMS messages on Plivo phone numbers....

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Using Google Sheets & Plivo SMS API for Hiring

Plivo has been growing at an exponential pace in the last few years. Such rapid scaling also means hiring at a pace which is faster than ever before. Now combine this need for pace with skill sets that are niche, and a benchmark to hire only ‘A’ players - one is looking at a complex HR challenge, which I am sure many other high-growth companies in the valley are facing today....

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SMS Merge with Google Sheets and Plivo

Sending personalized SMS messages to your loyal customers right from Google Sheets just got a whole lot easier.We at Plivo have developed something to get you started with your very own SMS automation power sheet!In this article, we’ll walk you through how we leveraged Google Scripts to create an ‘SMS Merge’ feature for Google Sheets....

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