CallRail and Plivo’s Voice API Turn Call Tracking Into Hyper-Intelligent Marketing

Powered by Plivo’s Voice API, CallRail not only tracks inbound phone call details (e.g., location, area code), CallRail can also automatically replace phone numbers on your websites with appropriate tracked phone numbers to make ROI calculations easier than ever. Currently serving 25,000 customers in over 300 area codes in the United States, CallRail was able to save significant Voice API costs after switching to Plivo.

Call Tracking CallRail Plivo Voice API screenshot

Effective and Affordable Intelligence for a Data Driven-World

CallRail, which provides call analytics to more than 25,000 companies and marketing agencies in North America, has built powerful tools that are intuitive, far-reaching and able to integrate with existing marketing and sales systems like Google Analytics, Salesforce and Wordpress. But to truly differentiate itself from traditional call tracking, CallRail makes unlimited use of its technology available without a set-up fee, the need for a new platform or a long-term commitment.

Read the entire case study on our customer success page.

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