Better Control over SMS Messages with Geo Permissions

Our API’s enable you to trigger text messages globally via your web and mobile apps. With our new feature, Geo permissions for SMS, we are putting control of your SMS traffic right into your hands. Geo permission offers a simple way to control which countries you want to enable or disable for SMS messages, without the need for developer support or code base changes.

SMS Geo-Permissions is the next step in our efforts to reduce the risk of SMS fraud and abuse. With our API’s, no special request is required to send messages globally. We suggest you maintain strict international geo permission for your project in order to better protect yourself from unwanted messaging.  

Advantages of maintaining strict international geo permission 

There are many reasons for you to consider managing your SMS traffic by geographic region. Some of the top reasons are mentioned below:

  • Prevent SMS fraud: Though rare, your Plivo Auth ID or token may get compromised. If you have geo permission enabled, you can reduce the potential for a surcharge in SMS fees related to high-rate destinations in the event your Auth Id or token is compromised.
  • Reduce non-serviceable destinations: With over 195 countries across the globe and over 240 country codes, there are many places where your text message could end up. If your web or mobile app caters to a specific geography or country, you may want to consider blocking SMS to other countries and aligning your SMS spend with where you customers are most concentrated.
  • Avoid incorrect destination numbers: Some apps or web pages are not equipped to automatically geotag the customer during form inputs. An incorrect or incomplete country code will land your text message in another part of the world. If you trust your end users to input their country or phone number with country code, you may want to consider enabling geo permissions to avoid validating user input using code. 
  • Improve customer segmentation: If you segment your SMS traffic using sub-accounts, you can use geo permission to customize the reach for each sub account. If your sub account caters to a specific region, you can disable text messages to other destinations.   

Simple to set-up, easy to maintain

If you are an existing Plivo user, sending messages to all countries are enabled. With a click of a button you can disable messages to all countries except the ones where your audience is focussed. 

If you have just signed-up or planning on using Plivo for your SMS needs, we have enabled the following countries for your SMS traffic:

  • US
  • Canada
  • Australia
  • India

In addition, the country where your account is registered from will be enabled by default. 

To modify your geo permissions, log in to your Plivo account and navigate to geo permissions under SMS settings. 

What happens if you send a text message to a disabled country? 

The text message would be blocked at Plivo and you will not be charged for the message. On SMS logs, the message state will be “failed” with error code 450. 

Please visit our docs page for more information about geo permissions. 

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