Announcing Price Reduction for Plivo Services in USA and Canada

We launched Plivo Cloud in 2011 and thanks to you, we have seen an 8x increase in our traffic and scale. During this time we rolled out Outbound phone calling in 200+ countries, International Phone numbers in 50 countries, and Two-way SMS in USA, Canada and the UK. Today, we are excited to announce a price reduction for Plivo Services in the USA and Canada. As a direct result of our increased scale, internal engineering and commitment to our open carrier model, we are able to keep passing savings to you.

From day one, our philosophy has been to provide Cloud Telephony APIs as an infrastructure business that’s built on high quality of service without markups. Since then, we’ve leveraged our dedicated servers and telephony expertise to bring you solid service quality, free 24/7 tech support, and give you the flexibility to use your own carriers. I am happy to say that working with our customers such as yourself has paid off.

Effective November 5th, 2013, the price reduction highlighted below will be automatically applied to all paid accounts for services in the US and Canada. Feel free to visit our pricing page for updates and sign on to your dashboard to check out our new demo page.

Our prices are reasonable, so that your margins don’t have to suffer. Visit our Twilio Alternative page to see how our prices beat the competition.

Voice - Inbound

Inbound Calls (per minute rate)New Lower PriceOld Price
Regular Phone Numbers (USA & Canada)$0.0085$0.009
Toll Free Phone Numbers (USA)$0.021$0.022

Voice - Outbound

Outbound Calls (per minute rate)New Lower PriceOld Price
Regular Phone Numbers (USA & Canada)$0.012$0.0125
Regular Phone Numbers - High Calls per second (USA & Canada)$0.016$0.018
Toll Free Phone Numbers (USA & Canada)$0.003$0.004


SIP, WebSDK and MobileSDK Calls (per minute rate)New Lower PriceOld Price
Incoming and Outgoing Calls$0.003$0.004


SMS (per message rate)New Lower PriceOld Price
Outbound SMS (USA & Canada)$0.0065$0.008
Inbound SMS (USA & Canada)$0.0045$0.008
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