Plivo Powers Avetty Online Chat

Avetty, is an online chat application that allows companies to communicate with their customers using SMS. Avetty customers can use text messaging for customer support, to conduct SMS surveys, or send out mass text messages for marketing purposes. Avetty could not have built this application without an SMS provider and they chose Plivo to power their application.

Avetty started as simple SMS chat for customer service. SMS communication is a simple and easy way to offer support to customers without asking them to download an application. The entire support conversation happens in a form of SMS -- it appears as if you are texting with the customer from a cellphone, while the support rep can view the entire conversation at a glance. It’s a win win for the support rep and the customer.

Customer Service Example for Plivo

Every customer question, issue, and “thank you, your product is great!” note counts as an inbound message. Avetty operates on the “pay as you go” basis and it’s easy to keep track of how many messages are sent, but when it comes to incoming messages, the only reliable way to predict how many you will receive is telepathy, or a time machine. Since most companies don’t have either, Plivo is the next best thing. Plivo offers free inbound SMS, so Avetty could safely close their telepathy department, and use the savings to develop additional functionality -- SMS surveys. With Avetty, an SMS survey is initiated by texting a dedicated phone number, and answering prepared questions. Due to the popularity of SMS surveys, Avetty needed to manage the pricing for outbound messages. Avetty compared Plivo with other competitors and found no difference in performance but found that Plivo’s wholesale prices were beneficial. So why pay more for the same competitive performance?

Survey Example for Plivo

An SMS provider is the backbone of Avetty’s business -- if the SMS provider goes down, then Avetty goes down, and customers don’t know or care what happens behind the scenes, they just know that Avetty is not working. One reason Avetty chose Plivo was their openness and candor about their uptime operations.

Finally, Plivo’s API is fully customizable. Avetty is fairly young company, and being able to add new features fast is vital to their growth and competitive advantage. Avetty engineers can quickly prototype and test new features. In addition, Avetty engineers found Plivo’s API to be clear and straightforward. It took them just 2 hours to fully integrate Plivo into their application with no prior exposure to the Plivo API. During the integration phase Avetty found that the Plivo SMS delivery reports give very detailed error descriptions helping them to easily diagnose issues.

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