Plivo Powers Algorx

AlgorX, Inc. was founded with a vision to deliver AI business solutions that empower humans, not replace humans. They have built -- a next generation CRM with conversational capabilities. Powered by AI and machine learning, has managed to demonstrate human-like capabilities, resulting in a CRM that is capable of distilling knowledge from communications and using that knowledge to create and maintain an effective dialog with prospects and customers.

We recently caught up with George Sazandrishvili ,Founder of to learn more about this application and his team's experience with Plivo.

How did you hear about Plivo?

A Plivo sales rep reached out to us. At the time we were not familiar with Plivo so we did some research and market comparison and determined that Plivo would be a good choice for us. We're focused on simplifying any type of communication between a sales person and a prospect or customer, so it made sense to add voice and SMS capabilities to our application. Originally we were planning to launch our application without voice and SMS functionality but after looking at Plivo’s API we determined that it made more sense (from a competitive standpoint) to include this functionality sooner rather than later. Also we appreciated that Plivo took care of the telecomm infrastructure and their competitive pricing.

How did your engineers integrate Plivo into

Our engineers have experience with many APIs and their main focus is ensuring that any integration is seamless to our end users. Specifically we use Plivo's Voice API, SMS API, Web SDK to add voice and SMS to For our purposes the call recording and speech to text were very important to us because these features offer great synergy with our analysis of voice calls and text content. For example, our AI needs to understand the content of an SMS message to determine how to follow up with prospects.

Our typical customer is a small or medium-sized business regardless of a geographic location. Plivo provides local numbers in 55 countries and multi-language support. This helps us make's voice and text capabilities globally ready.

How long did it take you to integrate Plivo’s API with

Plivo has good documentation and the APIs are easy to customize, so this made our engineers happy. If we wanted a basic integration we could have done this in about 2 weeks, but we offer advanced AI logic with many integration points, so the project took about 4-6 weeks with 2 engineers.

George Algorx"As a startup we need to invest in technologies that add value. We've had a great experience with Plivo and we think we will have a solid long term partnership with them.”
George Sazandrishvili , Founder of

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