Voice API that powers your web and mobile apps in the cloud

  1. Your app makes a HTTP request to Plivo
  2. Plivo initiates an outbound phone call
  3. Your end user receives the call

Global Numbers Inventory

Our dedicated team manages and ensures availabilities for a large diverse inventory of mobile, fixed, and toll-free phone numbers in 55 countries and 8000+ area codes.

Exceptional Global Call Quality

We work with Tier-1 carriers in 100+ countries with direct connections to 1600+ networks, to give you reduced latency, improved connectivity, and clear voice calls.

Enterprise Grade Platform

With 5 PoPs across 4 continents, our geographically distributed data centers provide sub 20ms access to international carriers and guarantees 99.95% uptime.

Extensive Device Support

Connect your existing IP PBX, Softswitch and SIP phones to the cloud. All hardphone devices that accept SIP and standard codecs (PCMU, PCMA) are supported.

Voice API Use Cases

Call Tracking

Build call tracking software to track and measure ROI of your marketing ad campaigns. Use Plivo's Voice API, to instantly assign distinct phone numbers to your ads and start tracking your call analytics.

Two-Factor Authentication

Secure your online transactions by adding two-factor authentication seamlessly to your user flow on any web or mobile app. With just a few lines of code, Plivo can send secure one-time passwords to your users via a voice call.

IVR Phone Menu

Use our Voice API to build powerful interactive voice response (IVR) systems. Customize and automate call flows with an intelligent call logic that suits your business needs. Learn how to build your own IVR app today!

Conference Calls

Build a conferencing app that connects up to 100 users on the same call. Check out our full suite of features that will make your conference app smart and unique. Get started and make your first conference app today.

Call Centers

Reduce costs & increase scalability by building or extending your existing on-premise call center solution. Plivo's Voice API has all the building blocks you need including IP PBX, Cloud IVR, customized routing logic and free recording.

Voice Broadcasting Alerts

Send personalized voice messages to your customers. Use our Voice API to build apps such as auto dialers, notification systems, or even phone surveying tools for political campaigns.

Plivo's Voice API is Feature Rich Right Out-of-the-Box

International DID Phone Numbers

Buy phone numbers from over 55 countries internationally and start making and receiving calls instantly. Make outbound calls to all countries.

Bulk Calling

Plivo's Voice API supports multiple outbound calls with a single API request.

Call Recording

Record and store your calls on the Plivo platform for Free. Our secure servers keep your data safe and accessible anytime.

Intelligent Call Control

Our Voice API helps you control your app call flow including: call forwarding, transferring, collecting inputs, playing music, sending a voicemail, etc.

Real Time Call Notifications & Logs

Fetch your call logs in real-time with our Voice API. Receive detailed information including call duration, call status, billing info, API log reports, and session start and end times, etc.

Dynamic Caller ID

Customize your caller ID for outbound calls. Set any number that you'd like to show up on the end users mobile.

Call Conferencing

Build high-quality conference apps for up to 100 callers. Have full control over the conference flow with powerful features.

Text to Speech

Let your app speak in 19 different languages and accents. Just send Plivo the text and it will convert it to speech in real time.


Our REST API is simple and powerful. With a few lines of code in your favorite programming language, you can connect calls to mobile, PSTN or even IP.

Voice API Queueing

Want to make high number of calls in a single API request? We will queue up all your calls and handle the call connection for you.

1000's of companies are already using Plivo's Voice APIs

Voice API customers | Plivo

Voice API Customer Testimonial by Bob S. from Mozilla  Plivo met all of our requirements. The API was easy to use and it has proved reliable during testing. As we continue to build out our automated testing suite for Firefox OS, we can see other opportunities to use Plivo in the future.  

Bob S. -

Voice API Customer Testimonial by Bob S. from Mozilla   We've achieved almost 100% uptime since launch... Together, our infrastructure allows us to offer customers unlimited conference minutes, with over 100 participants on each call, for our users in 29 countries around the world.  

Andy M. -