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Every customer deserves priority support. You don’t have to pay more to be heard.
Our tech support is included for every Plivo customer.

What is 24/7 Emergency Support?

Every Plivo customer in good standing is entitled to Free 24/7 emergency support by submitting a support ticket through our Contact Support form.

During regular business hours from Monday through Friday, 6:00 AM PST to 6:00 PM PST, excluding major US holidays, tickets from all priority levels will be responded to within guaranteed response times. During all other hours (i.e., non-business hours), Business Critical (Priority 1) tickets will be responded to within guaranteed response times. Although our support team responds to every ticket submitted, we will give priority to tickets according to the priority levels defined below.

Priority Level Definitions*

Priority 1: Business Critical

This level is the highest priority for our team. Issues deemed Priority 1 involve a complete loss of service, outage, or failure of a business critical feature. Priority 1 ticket assignments are available to all production applications and does not include issues that occur in development or staging environments. Guaranteed response within 2 hours. Available 24/7 and 365 days a year. Subscribe to our status board to receive live incident notifications.

Priority 2: Degraded Quality

This level represents a reduced quality of service or service disruption with intermittent issues. This level is applicable to all production applications and does not include issues that occur in development or staging environment. Guaranteed response within 6 hours during regular business hours.

Priority 3: General Inquiry

This level includes general product questions, feature requests, and issues during production and development. Guaranteed response within 24 hours during regular business hours. Check the FAQ page for immediate answers to common questions.

*Please note, every support ticket raised is important and will be investigated. However, to streamline that process, our support team reserves the right to change ticket priority levels depending on how critical the issue is deemed.

Want Custom Support SLAs?

We understand that some customers require custom support SLAs for your unique business needs. If you would like faster guaranteed response times and other premium support features like direct phone support, or dedicated after-hours support, please contact our sales team and we can customize an SLA that works for your business.