SMS Short Codes

Broadcast your text messages in bulk

Enjoy key benefits with a dedicated Short Code from Plivo

Scalability to match your growth

As your customer base expands, we scale up to meet your needs. Our SMS API lets you confidently send SMS quickly to thousands of customers.

Quicker connections with users

Speed is of the essence for any business. Send your customers vital information or details about attractive deals at a base rate of 40 SMSes per second.

Free incoming SMS

Improve your ROI and never pay for incoming SMS on Plivo. All US SMS Short Codes come with free inbound SMS and volume pricing for outbound SMS.

Why do you need an SMS Short Code?

SMS broadcasting

SMSes are sent out at a default base rate of 40 per second. Talk to us to for higher base rate possibilities.

Exclusive brand recognition

Unlike Long Codes, Short Codes are not tied to an area code and can be used across the country. Imagine a nationwide exclusive brand identity under one easy to remember number.
SMS short code api and text message api

Vanity Short Codes

You can reserve the exclusive use of a unique, SMS Short Code number, or phrase, for your brand. For example, PLIVO (75486). Vanity Short Codes are subject to number availability.

Application to Person (A2P)

You will find an SMS Short Code very beneficial in sending out notifications, marketing campaigns, alerts, confirmations, or two-factor authentication passwords, from your application.
SMS short code api and text message api

Control and security

Take control and notify your customers securely. As the only brand associated with your SMS Short Code, security and regulatory compliance is in your hands.
sms short code broadcast example on iphone

Short Code Lease & Carrier Fees (US)

Regular Short Codes *

$1,000 / month Billed Quarterly

Vanity Short Codes *

$1,500 / month Billed Quarterly

Lowest prices guaranteed*

*Applicable to regular and vanity Short Codes in the USA. Reach out to us for porting requests and Canada pricing.
Note: The Short Code setup process requires carrier approval and may take up to 16 weeks from the time of application. Also, carriers require leasing payments upfront in a minimum of 3 month payment intervals. Therefore, all fees are charged upon your application submission and you will be billed for your short code from the beginning of the application process onward. In the event that your application is not approved or delayed, we will work with you to edit or resubmit another application.

SMS Short Code Usage Fees Starting At (US)

Inbound SMS Outbound SMS
FREE* $0.0040/SMS*

* Additional carrier charges apply to all outbound and inbound SMS usage rates (US)

US Carrier Inbound SMS Outbound SMS
T-mobile $0.0025 $0.0025
Sprint $0.0050 $0.0050
Cricket $0.0025 $0.0025
MetroPCS $0.00 $0.0075
Verizon $0.00 $0.0025

Get Started with Dedicated Short Codes
Lowest prices guaranteed*

*Applicable to dedicated Short Codes only in the USA. Reach out to us for Canadian Short Code pricing.