Can I make outbound calls using a SIP endpoint?

Yes, you can call any SIP URI or any phone number directly; call charges are debited from your Plivo account balance.

You can create a SIP endpoint using Plivo’s API or you can also log in to Plivo and use the Dashboard to create a SIP endpoint:

Navigation: Dashboard > Endpoints > New Endpoints

Click New Endpoint. Provide your username, password and alias.

Associate your endpoint with a sample application provided by Plivo such as DirectDial application, or attach your own sample application.

We have a default “Direct Dial” application which gets loaded to your account when you signup. That application becomes the default application for the endpoints you create. While this application is going to be there we strongly recommend to have one of your own application hosted which would give you more flexibility and control over your application.

Please check our github link for the direct dial app to develop one in your own language.

please contact our support team or send us a note at Contact page.