Inbound Trunk

Inbound Trunking is used on numbers which have been rented on Plivo. All incoming calls on the Plivo numbers on your account can be forwarded to a DID, a SIP URI or an hostname.

This method is used when you want Plivo to route all incoming calls on your Plivo numbers to your soft switch.


Sign up for a Free Developer account at, and verify your phone number.

Set up your Plivo Application

We’ve deployed a custom trunking application for you to get started. You will have to create a Plivo application and link it to your Plivo number.

  1. Navigate to the Application page on your Plivo dashboard.

  2. Click on ‘Create’ to create a new application.

  3. Enter the following URL in the ‘Answer URL’ field and set the Answer Method as GET. This URL has an automatic built-in fail over, which passes 2 destination phone numbers numbers. This means that Destination will be attempted first for approximately 60 seconds. If the receiver doesn’t pick up, it will automatically dial the FailOverDestination. If the FailOverDestination doesn’t pick up, then the call will end.{Destination,FailOverDestination}

    Create Application

  4. Click on ‘Create’ to save the application.

  1. Now that we’ve created the application, we need to link it to a Plivo number. If you haven’t rented a number yet, navigate to our Buy Number page and search for a prefix/region.

    Search Number

  2. Click on ‘Buy’ and select the quantity of numbers you wish to procure.

  3. Navigate to the Number List page. You would see the list of numbers associated with your account. Click on the number to open the Number Link page.

  4. Select ‘Inbound Trunk’ from the dropdown list of Plivo applications.

  5. Click on ‘Update’ to save your changes.

Destination Attribute Details

Calls can be forwarded to 3 different destinations.


If the destination is set as a landline or a mobile number, the following XML will be generated by Answer URL, and calls will be forwarded to end user. For eg. DESTINATION=15623158625

    <Dial callerId="{source number}">


If the destination is set as a SIP URI, the following XML will be generated. For eg.

    <Dial callerId="{source number}">


If the destination is set as an IP or a hostname, the following XML will be generated. For eg. DESTINATION=

    <Dial callerId="{source number}">
        <User>{Plivo Number}@</User>

Test it out

Make a voice call to your Plivo number from any mobile or a landline number. The calls will be forwarded to the DESTINATION set in your application.