SMS Merge with Google Sheets and Plivo

Sending personalized SMS messages to your loyal customers right from Google Sheets just got a whole lot easier.We at Plivo have developed something to get you started with your very own SMS automation power sheet!In this article, we’ll walk you through how we leveraged Google Scripts to create an ‘SMS Merge’ feature for Google Sheets.... Read more

Business Tools We Use at Plivo

Banner Plivo Plus SifteryEarlier this year, we publicly announced our growth figures. Today, we serve over 70,000 customers of all sizes in over 190 countries for voice and SMS text messaging. With over 2 billion voice and SMS traffic each year, we’ve been able to scale our infrastructure with the help of some important tools. Even as we scale, our mission remains the same: to simplify global telecom and enable access to quality cloud communications at a low cost. This is why, we are excited to bring more transparency, and provide a sneak peak into the products we use at Plivo.... Read more

Announcing Improved Voice Quality for Plivo SDK based Apps [with Audio Samples]

Banner Opus Audio Codec SupportAfter the December roll-out of our new Voice 2.0 Infrastructure, our team continues to add features and upgrades to improve voice quality. We’re happy to announce that as of today, our existing WebRTC SDK supports the Opus codec, which is the best-in-class performing audio codec for a wide range of voice applications. All applications currently using the Plivo Web SDK for inbound and outbound calling will automatically use Opus as the default codec. Plivo mobile SDK support for Opus is coming soon.... Read more

New Plivo Status Page

Banner Opus Audio Codec SupportToday, we are happy to announce that we are launching a brand new Plivo Status Page to bring you more information about our network status worldwide and ultimately more transparency. We understand how disruptive incidents can be to your business, so we designed this page with new tools to provide more relevant, timely, and detailed information about each incident, update, and scheduled maintenance.... Read more

Introducing SMS error codes: Better Visibility into your SMS delivery

Banner SMS Error CodesWe are working continuously to provide better transparency to our customers and we’re happy to announce that we are taking another step in that direction. As of today, we will bring better clarity to SMS customers by providing detailed SMS error codes to every outbound SMS text message that fails to be delivered. These detailed error codes will help you to understand reasons for failure and troubleshoot issues right away with your outbound SMS deliverability.... Read more