Announcing Zapier Integration

We are delighted to announce the launch of the Plivo app for Zapier. You can now do so much more with Plivo by connecting it to the other apps you use like Slack, Gmail, and Google Sheets (and other 750+ apps on Zapier) to automate the tedious tasks in your workflow.... Read more

Announcing Microsoft Flow Integration

We are excited to announce the launch of the Plivo connector for Microsoft Flow. It is now available as a premium connector which can be used in your flows to send text messages and place calls. With this connector in public, you can now integrate Plivo with 200+ connectors including the Office and Azure product suites.... Read more

Announcing Integromat Integration

We are excited to announce the Plivo Integromat integration that lets you use Plivo’s capabilities in your Integromat scenarios to the fullest extent possible. This announcement is the first of several announcements we will make over the next couple of weeks regarding the various integrations that will let you enhance the efficiency of your workflows.... Read more

Plivo Powers Avetty Online Chat

Avetty, is an online chat application that allows companies to communicate with their customers using SMS. Avetty customers can use text messaging for customer support, to conduct SMS surveys, or send out mass text messages for marketing purposes. Avetty could not have built this application without an SMS provider and they chose Plivo to power their application.... Read more

Plivo Powers Algorx

AlgorX, Inc. was founded with a vision to deliver AI business solutions that empower humans, not replace humans. They have built -- a next generation CRM with conversational capabilities. Powered by AI and machine learning, has managed to demonstrate human-like capabilities, resulting in a CRM that is capable of distilling knowledge from communications and using that knowledge to create and maintain an effective dialog with prospects and customers. ... Read more

An easy way to send Voice & SMS Campaigns

Newfies-Dialer, authors of auto-dialing software, have recently integrated with Plivo’s SMS API. Newfies-Dialer had previously integrated Plivo’s voice API. This new integration means that you now have an easy and inexpensive way of sending out phone surveys and bulk notifications – such as marketing messages and emergency notifications – by phone or SMS. ... Read more

SMS Merge with Google Sheets and Plivo

Sending personalized SMS messages to your loyal customers right from Google Sheets just got a whole lot easier.We at Plivo have developed something to get you started with your very own SMS automation power sheet!In this article, we’ll walk you through how we leveraged Google Scripts to create an ‘SMS Merge’ feature for Google Sheets.... Read more

SMS-to-Email Gateway: A Plivo + Mailgun API Integration

Happy New Year! And welcome to 2014! We know this year is going to be amazing!So let’s get started on the right track by keeping in touch with friends andfamily throughout the year by using this nifty Plivo and Mailgun API hack.Connect your Plivo phone number to your email via your Mailgun Account andreceive email notifications every time you get a SMS. You can even replydirectly to your friend’s SMS straight from your email inbox.... Read more

HipChat API + Plivo Integration for Sales Line Bot

We’re peeling back the curtains to show you how to post details of incomingcalls, recordings and voicemails on your Plivo numberto HipChat through HipChat APIs. We’vecreated a HipChat IVR Bot that sends real-time callinformation to our own Sales Call room using HipChat API, to give our salesteam caller and routing info. After each call is complete, our bot also sendsthe URL of the call recording to the HipChat API so that our sales team canhave access anywhere anytime.... Read more

SIP Trunking to Replace My Landline Phone Using Plivo

Here’s my story: I’ve been experimenting with using Plivo’s SIPtrunking to supplement the terrible cell service at my house and use aSIP phone. As someone who is incensed by poor quality phone calls, I’ve beenextremely impressed with the good call quality and robustness of Plivo. As aprogrammer and home automation hobbyist, I’m excited about being able tocontrol my SIP phones with Plivo. And as a poor price-conscious graduatestudent, I appreciate Plivo’s low pay-by-usage pricing.... Read more